Centre for yoga studies


Welcome to Ritambhara Yogashala!

The term Ritam has been very significant for practitioners of Yoga from the time of the Vedas and continues to guide sincere seekers on this path. It has been translated in many ways but the definition that we would like to use as an inspiration for our Centre is ‘Dynamic Truth in Action’ as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo. The word Ritambhara, meaning ‘full of Ritam’ is also used to describe a high state of intelligence and knowing that the Vedic Rishis and Yogis aspired to acquire. It was an intelligence or PrajnA which was full of the awareness of Ritam or the Right ways of living in all the different dimensions of life for a more harmonious and meaningful individual and collective exisistence. 

Our Yogashala, or Centre of Yoga Studies is a humble effort to understand what Ritam really means at a conceptual as well as a practical level in one’s life. It is an invitation for every adventurer on the Yogic path to ask questions and delve deeper into the unknown territories of their own being as Sri Aurobindo said in one of his aphorisms, ‘Sooner shall we reach the end of the universe than the depth of our own being.’ 

In this context, our lectures, workshops and courses are in the spirit of explorations where together we will discover the philosophy, culture and psychological frameworks of the Indian tradition in their myriad subtleties.